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Crouching down against the brick wall which separated myself from the lurking bodies in the shadows outside the front yard, I moved in a slow motion towards the grand French door. The bright moon light reflected itself off from the door's glass pane and I could see the polished dark brown paint where part of it was scratched and some parts dented. I had to close it before they stroll in.

The night air was damp and cold. They must not sense that I was there.

My life was at risk. I needed to keep everyone safe in the dormitory. As I leopard-crawled on the rough cemented ground, my pores widened as my skin touched and allowed the gravel on the unkempt floor to sink into my skin. It was uncomfortable. I started to fidget and swiped the sand off myself. In the midst of swatting, my hand knocked onto something which I felt was cold and hard. With my heart in my mouth, whatever I knocked onto, emitted a sharp clanking sound.

Too loud. Too loud and too late. They heard it.

I looked down at the object - I saw a glimmer within the item I dropped. It was a shard of glass, stained with something dark and in maroon colour. It had to be dried blood.

Shuffling noises could be heard from the outside.

It was too late. They were coming. I stood up.

I needed to run towards the door. I needed to close it. They could not come in!

My knees burnt to counter-attack the cold air. My calf shivered as the adrenaline started to pump through my blood. I ran towards the door and I could already see them.

Their eyes were white with enlarged dark pupils. Their eyes had a hole in the center of their pupils. Are they blind? Could they even see?

I could not care to think too much as the crowd of the human bodies headed towards the door - towards me. Their hands stretched out - does it have to be this typical?

Struggling to skip towards the door, I flew my arms forward to reach the frame and gave it a push but was instantaneously jerked aside.

They grabbed my finger, their hands engulfed around my arm. I screeched in frantic horror. The terrifying moans they produced seemed to sap my emotions away. I tried to shake their filthy, wriggly arms off me. I just needed one kick to close the heavy door. They were not strong yet as the night was still young. I could easily fight them off.

I turned my head side to side to find any item to act as a weapon. There it was, a medium length wooden plank which may have once been a part of the broken grandfather's clock in the living hall.

Using my leg power, I bent my legs and used my knees to hold the worthless beings off. One man tried to squeeze his head through the gap. Cackling moans and groans - the horror. These people were crazy! Finally, able to crouch down, I grabbed the plank with my left hand and instantaneously shot my upper body up again.

Without hesitating, I hit the stubborn arms that were prying through the door. Still with my feet pressing against the cold, hard wood - holding myself in place. My arms started to ache, my tears filled my eyes and my head was dizzy. Like a crackhead, I aimlessly attacked them to get them off the door. Every hit from the plank to their arms, there were screams, a screech and some insane goofy laughter.

What were these people thinking? They are not people. They do not have any feelings. They know no human emotions!

Finally, just one more skinny wretched arm. My veins were burning. I hit that gruesome arm and the gap got smaller. My legs pushed against the ground and the door creaked like it was tired of staying stuck. It finally closed with a thud.

Some of them knocked onto the door like as though a post man was here to deliver letters. My bottom hit the ground. I sat there and held my head with my bloodied hands. The dizziness was fading as my adrenaline lowered.

I cannot believe it.

Some of them were my friends during the day but I had to hide away from them when the sun dipped.

In this chilly night, my warm tears trickled down my cheeks - a mild burning sensation. Why I had to go through this horrid, horrid time in human history? Where were the usual late night supper with friends? The bar hopping?

It was gone. Gone before I knew it.

A Grain of Sand